Testimonials - See what our clients say

Testimonials - See what our clients say

We have been in the hotel business for over 20 years and have seen systems come and go.

Our experience with Sydney Cash Registers and QUORiON goes back several years when Jon visited us and introduced us to QUORiON as a replacement for our aging Casio tills. We installed three QTouch 10 units and connected them to our office computer using the existing network. We recently added a fourth to provide a coffee quick service to an expanding passing street crowd.

System management and reporting has been customized to our requirements and I continue to be impressed at just how simple the QUORiON system really is. We have never required a service call for broken or malfunctioning hardware and any queries or adjustments have been efficiently provided by phone or text message.Support is timely and professional and there are no on-going monthly fees.

Thank you QUORiON and Sydney Cash Registers

Green Square Hotel
Nigel Marsh

We use a Cash Register in our company store to record in house sales. On the recommendation of SYDNEY CASH REGISTERS, we installed a cash register with a scanner to ensure accurate and timely sales transactions.

This was over 4 years ago and we have since upgraded our system to a QUORiON and purchased additional units for a second site in Sydney and one in New Zealand.

All the registers are the same as is the product file with the exception of pricing. The QUORiON Cash Registers are easy to maintain and give very little trouble. The support from SYDNEY CASH REGISTERS is always timely and professional and we have no hesitation in endorsing both QUORiON and SYDNEY CASH REGISTERS.

Stacey Pearce
Johnson and Johnson

We have been a user of QUORiON for over 3 years in our bakery on the University in Canberra. As part of our desire to include an EFTPOS solution we contacted SYDNEY CASH REGISTERS.

During one of their visits to install a system they visited us and this began our business relationship. We have learned much that we did not know about QUORiON and they have always been there when we needed them. They have an impressive knowledge of the product and knowledge of both the product and the industry and we look forward to expanding our horizons with them in the future.

Oscars Bakery

Our first contact with Sydney Cash Registers and QUORiON came via a recommendation from a friend who knew them.

We installed our first QUORiON QTouch 10 at our new restaurant in Marrickville over 4 years ago. We opened a new site in Ramsgate and reinstalled the system there. The system is reliable, simple and rarely requires any maintenance. Assistance is readily available by phone when needed.

We have no hesitation in recommending both Sydney Cash Registers and QUORiON

The Gonis Schnitzelria

I have been in the industry for over 45 years and have experienced the good the bad and the ugly of products and support from a variety of “distributors”.

It is a rare occurrence to find a good product with good support but QUORiON and Sydcash deliver both.

The QUORiON product delivers value and reliability with an incredibly short “time to market”.

Sydcash provide a professional and timely service for BOTH sales and programming support that demonstrate a thorough understanding of the product and the market. Accordingly, I am pleased to add my endorsement for both QUORiON and Sydcash

Jim McDermott

At Moose heads Pub and Nightclub we only use the QUORiON QTouch 10 register. We installed our first QTouch 8 years ago, and have never had a single issue with it. The unit is hardwearing and reliable, and as such we invested in another 7 units. Currently we are running 8 QUORiON QTouch units over, 41evels of our pub and nightclub.

The QTouch units are easy to·use, never break down and once set up are very easy to update!

Mooseheads strongly recommends the QTouch 10 register for anyone who needs a hardworking, long-lasting and easy to use Solution.

With respect to support, we had occasion recently to inquire with Germany regarding Au stralian support. Our enquiry was referred to SYDNEY CASH REGISTERS who rapidly and professionally provided the required service.

Mooseheads Pub & Nightclub
Tadija Miladinovic - General Manager

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